STX Control Centre

Michael Sheldon (webmaster at mikeasoft dot com)


The STX control centre is designed to be a very lightweight system centre that'll work with almost any GNU/Linux distribution. It makes use of FLTK, the Fast Light Tool Kit, so that it uses minimal system resources.

It has been pointed out that this could also be used in a kiosk system; if anyone's interested in putting a kiosk system together please feel free to email me and suggest changes which would make it more suitable for this purpose.

This and other tools are being developed for the STX GNU/Linux distribution which aims for very low hardware requirements; You can find out more about STX at

I'll also be releasing an FLTK based LiveCD installer as well as a few other small tools in the near future.


STX control centre welcome screen

STX control centre displaying category help


Version 0.2

Available from the STX Development Repositories.

This contains debian package staging files and a prebuilt debian package. It requires a PyFTLK package to be created and added to its dependancies before being suitable for inclusion in a distribution.
stxcc-0.2-deb.tar.gz - Adds theme support (edit /usr/share/stxcc/stxcc.theme to change theme settings).

Alternatively a distribution agnostic version is available:

Older Versions